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An online win for Volkswagen with the #Anything4jetta campaign

Volkswagen, the German automaker, has achieved an interesting win through its online campaign for its latest launch the all new Jetta.

All car makers plan an elaborate campaign for their major car launches. These generally include press releases, print Ads, unveiling the car at big car shows across the world and much more. Volkswagen has gone a step ahead of all this and added an online contest too to woo its customers.

The Contest – #anything4jetta campaign

Its a simple contest wherein people have to come up with wacky tweets  in response to a single question – “What you would do to win the all new Jetta?”. The contest has it’s own site wherein you can see the best tweets posted on the front page, a tour of the all new Jetta and a way to track your scores if you are participating in the contest. Well considering the mega prize is the all new Jetta and some daily prizes like watches, T-shirts and laptop sleeves, Twitter is ablaze with #anything4jetta (the hashtag being used to track this contest). Twitter users are coming up with the wackiest of text, photo and even video tweets to win the mega prize and no doubt thanks to this the all new Jetta has gone viral on Twitter.

My 2 Cents

Inclusion of online media in Volkswagen’s campaign for one of their most important car launch goes a long way in emphasizing the importance online social media has gained. Laurels also go to Volkswagen for coming up with such an amazing contest and for testing the online social media ground.

Another thought process tells me that is this another form of crowd sourcing being tried out by Volkswagen. If it is crowd sourcing, then for what is Volkswagen utilizing the collective intelligence of the crowd. Is Volkswagen using the collective effort to just popularize its latest product or would we be seeing these ideas in future Volkswagen Jetta advertisements. An interesting study would be to analyze the outcome of such campaigns by measuring the change (positive or negative) in notional brand value among customers before and after the campaign.

As of now Volkswagen has surely turned heads towards itself with this campaign. So go ahead and give a try to the #Anything4jetta contest before it ends. More details here:


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