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New Amul Manthan Ad

I believe that Amul is an integral part of every Indian’s life. Apart from touching my life through its awesome products(can’t imagine life without Amul butter), I have always loved Amul’s advertisements – be it the adorable Utterly Butterly girl or Amul’s TVCs.

Amul has re-presented its decade old Manthan TVC in a new avataar -it has a hint of the old TVC and a touch of new.

What I loved about this TVC is the way Amul has so successfully and beautifully merged the two distant rural and urban ends of its supply chain. There is the village women collecting milk and finally the urban woman providing it to their children with a trust that only a brand like Amul can provide them. The TVC shows the way they have empowered rural women (watch out for rural women using computers and high end phones in the TVC). Kudos to the agency who has prepared this advertisement giving due justice to each and every aspect of the Amul brand in a one -minute commercial.

Manthan Background

Manthan, a bollywood movie featuring Smita Patil and Naseerudin Shah and inspired from the White Revolution brought in by Amul co-operative society, was made by Shyam Benegal in 1976. This film won critical acclaim and gave Amul and GCMMF its due visibility in the eyes of all Indians.
Manthan’s title song was then used by GCMMF to create a TVC for Amul.



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Flipkart Ads: iLike

Flipkart is all set to become one of the most liked brands. Anyone who uses the Flipkart service once, becomes an instant fan (and yes I am one of those). They are always delighting their customers through awesome service. Some great things I have noticed about them are: delivering goods in the shortest time (I have received my ordered books the very next day at times), breaking up your order and delivering you in parts at no extra cost, cash on delivery, option to pay via card in cash on delivery (they carry those portable card swipe machines – havent seen them with anyone else till now), instant response to any queries on Twitter and many more. 

Well, they have delighted me once more by coming up with their ‘No Kidding. No Worries’ advertisement series. Its a series of four advertisements developed by Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd.. Each advertisement in this series highlights one of the Flipkart’s feature. The first advertisement highlights the 30 day replacement gaurantee

Second one talked about the availability of original products with original warranty

Third one highlighted the cash on delivery option

and finally the fourth one (and my favorite one) mentions their USP – best price.

My 2 Cents

Simple yet powerful ads is the best judgement for this series by Flipkart. Each ad has very clearly explained the particular Flipkart feature in consideration. Really liked the way they have added the sweetness angle through child actors. I am sure that Flipkart would go a long way in increasing its visibility among its consumers through these ad series. These ads also ensure that they introduce the new verticals of Flipkart’s business i.e. the non books verticals – mobiles, home appliances and many more.

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Zomato: Review

Zomato earlier known as Foodiebay is the first name which comes to my mind (and probably yours too) the moment I think of going out to eat. Yes, it has becomy synonymous to searching for a restaurant in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities in India. It has added a lot more of convenience by coming up eith its mobile apps.

Here is a small feedback of what I like most about Zomato and some new feature requests I would like to see incorporated in Zomato.

So first comes the good part:

  1. The USP of Zomato which differentiates it from rest of the rating and review sites is the availability of complete menus for almost all restaurants. This proves to be very beneficial when going out with a bigger group and we can easily judge
    • can the menu cater to everybody’s preferences in the group
    • the expected bill and see if it fits in our budget or not
  2. The ability to search for a particluar dish within a given area is simply awesome and very useful.
  3. The number of search and filter options Zomato provides – city, areas within the city, cuisine, popularity, cost for two, ratings, etc is very comprehensive. Here is a screenshot to give you an idea of the same:

Now, comes some of my requests to the Zomato team. Hope, they like them and find value in them to be included in Zomato:

  1. How about adding an option for users to submit pics of must have dishes (while writing a review) they had at restaurants. For example: I recently visited the Chopsticks restaurant in Delhi and had this amazing mocktail – Kaalia. I did recommend this in my review, but I would have also liked to post a picture of this.
  2. The moment somebody clicks on a restaurant’s name, tell them and probably show them a picture too of the one must have dish at that restaurant. Now, being a user if the must have dish of the restaurant also happens to be my favorite dish, I would surely give that restaurant a try.
  3. Let each registered user maintain a list of restaurants he/she has visited in a city or for a particular cuisine. Next time when the same user searhes for a restaurant he can have the choice of visiting a new restaurant or a previously visited (tried and tested) restaurant. I understand that Zomato currently also has a lists section wherein we can create our own personalized lists. But how about simplifying this a bit by just allowing users to mark restaurants as ‘eaten here’ or ‘not tried yet’ and showing up this status when the user searches for a restaurant next time.

The best thing I like about the folks behind Zomato is the importance they give to what their customers think. I love the way they crowdsource feedback about Zomato as a whole, a new feature or enhancements which users would like to see in Zomato from time to time. 🙂



An online win for Volkswagen with the #Anything4jetta campaign

Volkswagen, the German automaker, has achieved an interesting win through its online campaign for its latest launch the all new Jetta.

All car makers plan an elaborate campaign for their major car launches. These generally include press releases, print Ads, unveiling the car at big car shows across the world and much more. Volkswagen has gone a step ahead of all this and added an online contest too to woo its customers.

The Contest – #anything4jetta campaign

Its a simple contest wherein people have to come up with wacky tweets  in response to a single question – “What you would do to win the all new Jetta?”. The contest has it’s own site wherein you can see the best tweets posted on the front page, a tour of the all new Jetta and a way to track your scores if you are participating in the contest. Well considering the mega prize is the all new Jetta and some daily prizes like watches, T-shirts and laptop sleeves, Twitter is ablaze with #anything4jetta (the hashtag being used to track this contest). Twitter users are coming up with the wackiest of text, photo and even video tweets to win the mega prize and no doubt thanks to this the all new Jetta has gone viral on Twitter.

My 2 Cents

Inclusion of online media in Volkswagen’s campaign for one of their most important car launch goes a long way in emphasizing the importance online social media has gained. Laurels also go to Volkswagen for coming up with such an amazing contest and for testing the online social media ground.

Another thought process tells me that is this another form of crowd sourcing being tried out by Volkswagen. If it is crowd sourcing, then for what is Volkswagen utilizing the collective intelligence of the crowd. Is Volkswagen using the collective effort to just popularize its latest product or would we be seeing these ideas in future Volkswagen Jetta advertisements. An interesting study would be to analyze the outcome of such campaigns by measuring the change (positive or negative) in notional brand value among customers before and after the campaign.

As of now Volkswagen has surely turned heads towards itself with this campaign. So go ahead and give a try to the #Anything4jetta contest before it ends. More details here:

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