Flipkart Ads: iLike

Flipkart is all set to become one of the most liked brands. Anyone who uses the Flipkart service once, becomes an instant fan (and yes I am one of those). They are always delighting their customers through awesome service. Some great things I have noticed about them are: delivering goods in the shortest time (I have received my ordered books the very next day at times), breaking up your order and delivering you in parts at no extra cost, cash on delivery, option to pay via card in cash on delivery (they carry those portable card swipe machines – havent seen them with anyone else till now), instant response to any queries on Twitter and many more. 

Well, they have delighted me once more by coming up with their ‘No Kidding. No Worries’ advertisement series. Its a series of four advertisements developed by Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd.. Each advertisement in this series highlights one of the Flipkart’s feature. The first advertisement highlights the 30 day replacement gaurantee

Second one talked about the availability of original products with original warranty

Third one highlighted the cash on delivery option

and finally the fourth one (and my favorite one) mentions their USP – best price.

My 2 Cents

Simple yet powerful ads is the best judgement for this series by Flipkart. Each ad has very clearly explained the particular Flipkart feature in consideration. Really liked the way they have added the sweetness angle through child actors. I am sure that Flipkart would go a long way in increasing its visibility among its consumers through these ad series. These ads also ensure that they introduce the new verticals of Flipkart’s business i.e. the non books verticals – mobiles, home appliances and many more.


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